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Remote Workers Work Longer Hours, Take Fewer Breaks

Telework InfographicA ConnectSolutions study of remote workers has found that teleworkers spend more of their day working than they would if they were in the office.  Of the over 200 respondents, 75% said that they work at least 30 more minutes on days that they work remote, than days that they are in the office.

The study also found that 83% of employees report taking the same or fewer breaks when working remotely.  Those stats improve more for teleworkers who are remote 5 days a week.

With a majority of respondents citing commute length as a key reason for telework, this remote worker study shows that employees are giving their saved commute time back to their company.  For instance, an employee with a 60 minute roundtrip commute, on a day she/he teleworks, would work 30 minutes longer and spend the remaining 30 minutes on personal projects and hobbies (including sleeping later!).

This study of remote workers did not delve into the infrastructure cost savings that can be realized by organizations that combine telework policies with programs like “hoteling” or “hot desking”.  It focused on the direct, marginal impact of remote work on individual productivity.

The study surveyed workers nationwide, in both the private sector and in government.  Remote Worker Study.